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Structured Modeling of Concurrent Stochastic Hybrid Systems

Mikhail Bernadskiy Raman Sharykin Rajeev Alur

Presented at Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems - Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault Tolerant System (FORMATS-FTRTFT 2004), Grenoble, France, September 22-24, 2004


We propose a modeling language for structured specification of interacting components with both hybrid and stochastic dynamics. The behavior of a stochastic hybrid agent is described using a hybrid automaton whose dynamics is specified by stochastic differential equations and probabilistic jumps. Stochastic hybrid agents interact synchronously with other agents using shared variables. The operations of parallel composition, instantiation and hiding are defined to allow hierarchical descriptions of complex agents. We report on a stochastic extension of the modeling environment Charon for hybrid systems, a simulation tool, and case studies using the tool.

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